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Cathy is a freelance journalist from Macao who covers culture, history, social affairs, environment and societal issues. She is also the deputy editor of Ariana, a social justice magazine based in Hong Kong. Cathy is particularly passionate about environmental protection, and has taken part in several local eco-campaigns, from promoting waste awareness through to wildlife protection. Now based in Switzerland, she maintains her connection with her hometown through writing about its latest affairs and helping to organise the city’s environmental campaigns remotely.


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What’s it’s like to be “gay and grey” in Hong Kong

Rejected by society and the mainstream LGBT+ scene, many of Hong Kong’s older gay men face a life of solitude and prejudice in their twilight years.

A scene from the film Suk Suk. Credit: Ray Yeung
Animal Welfare

April Inspiration: 5 meaningful projects to support virtually during COVID-19

If you have an extra hour while physical distancing or simply want to take your mind off the new coronavirus, check out these few documentaries, initiatives and books.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

An ultra-marathon runner’s race against depression

In 2018, Vivi Cheung became the first woman from Macao to complete the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc.


Hong Kong welfare groups call for supporting the homeless during COVID-19

Limited access to information, exposed environments and poor health make Hong Kong’s homeless particularly vulnerable to the new coronavirus outbreak, say local charity ...

ImpactHK visits Hong Kong's homeless.

What I learned from raising a son with severe autism

As a single mother in Macao, Ruby Lou explains how love, trust, patience and encouragement helped her autistic son reach his full potential.

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Life Studies: Navigating reproductive ethical dilemmas

Experts from the fields of religion, biology, and psychology unpack challenging ethical dilemmas.

A Woman In Black Dress Is Holding A Sonogram Of A Baby

Let’s Talk About Sex: Macao’s religiously affiliated schools design their own curriculums

For many students in Macao, progressive sexuality education is still off the table.

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What a waste: Recycling pioneer says Macao needs to tackle its rubbish problem

Without major changes, Macao is a long way away from a waste-free future, says environmental activist Benvinda dos Santos.

#NoPlasticPlease Group Photo

Trial By Media: How some Chinese media have stoked racism

Some Chinese-language newspapers in Hong Kong have published biased reports about ethnic minorities for years. But the tides may be turning.

Ng Fung-sheung, founder of the Hong Kong Society for Asylum Seekers and Refugees
Domestic Workers

An Impossible Choice: Domestic workers in Macao must choose before justice or their jobs

Thousands of Southeast Asian women arrive in Macao every year in search of a better income. Instead, mounting debt and restrictive visa conditions leave many of them in ...

Windy Tanedo walking down the stairs of her boarding house in Macao
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