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Behind the badge: Who was Kimmy Koh, the first woman to serve on Hong Kong’s police force?

Who was Kimmy Koh, the first woman to serve on Hong Kong’s police force?

March 2021

Credit: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Youth in Focus: Gaurika Pant imagines a world with zero trash in our oceans

This 17-year-old is taking on Hong Kong’s climate and environmental crises.

November 2020

Credit: Arati Kumar-rao

On the Brink: Photojournalist Arati Kumar-Rao investigates the devastating impacts of climate change in South Asia

From disrupted weather patterns to environmental refugees, Arati Kumar-Rao travels extensively ...

October 2020

Credit: Damon Lam on Unsplash

Youth in Focus: Students helping students in Hong Kong

Hong Kong student Reese Wong founded the Inter-school Social Issues Association, a platform for ...

October 2020

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Jobs, sports and community: Macao disability advocate unpacks how to support people with intellectual disabilities

Ada Lo, a Macao-based disability advocate shares thoughts on how training programmes, athletics and ...

July 2020


Noah’s Journey: Life as an Asian-Canadian trans man

Chinese-Canadian Noah Yang has been documenting his female-to-male transition in the hopes of ...

June 2020

A B&W photo of little Antonio and his mother, Ruby Lou. Credit:

What I learned from raising a son with severe autism

As a single mother in Macao, Ruby Lou explains how love, trust, patience and encouragement helped ...

June 2020


An ultra-marathon runner’s race against depression

In 2018, Vivi Cheung became the first woman from Macao to complete the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc.

May 2020

Cradle of Hope

Right At Home: How Cradle of Hope supports Macao’s most vulnerable children

Cradle of Hope provides shelter and developmental support to vulnerable children in Macao.

April 2020

An illustration of Dr Joanna Tse. Credit: Lauren Crow

Last Word: Remembering Dr Joanna Tse, Hong Kong’s Daughter

Remembering Dr Joanna Tse Yuen-man, who lost her life while treating victims of SARS.

April 2020

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