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January 2021

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Eradicating Bear Bile Farming Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jill Robinson, animal rights advocate and founder of animal protection group Animals Asia, shares ...

December 2020

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December 2020

Credit: United Nations on Unsplash

How to give back in Hong Kong during Covid-19

The pandemic has exposed an ever-widening gap between rich and poor Hong Kong.

November 2020

Credit: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Youth in Focus: Gaurika Pant imagines a world with zero trash in our oceans

This 17-year-old is taking on Hong Kong’s climate and environmental crises.

November 2020

Credit: Arati Kumar-rao

On the Brink: Photojournalist Arati Kumar-Rao investigates the devastating impacts of climate change in South Asia

From disrupted weather patterns to environmental refugees, Arati Kumar-Rao travels extensively ...

October 2020

Credit: Hong Kong Shifts
Photo Essays

Chance Encounters: Bright hearts in the dark era of Covid-19

Meaningful encounters across the city.

October 2020

Kevin Liang on Unsplash

Hong Kong mothers speak out about the realities of ‘working from home’ during Covid-19

As many HongKongers continue to work remotely, mothers are pulling double duty.

October 2020

Credit: TEDxTinHau

Join TEDxTinHau Countdown to rally for climate change during Covid-19

This year's TEDxTinHau Countdown is about confronting climate change

October 2020

Credit: Bantersnaps on Unsplash
News Feature

Unchecked trafficking takes a human toll in Hong Kong

Up to 9,000 migrant workers could be victims of human trafficking.

October 2020

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