Yumi Ishikawa speaks with press. Credit: Nanami Miyamoto

#KuToo: Japanese women are saying no to high heels – here’s why

Yumi Ishikawa, founder of Japan’s KuToo movement, is working to ban compulsory high heels and slut-shaming

23 Apr, 2020

ImpactHK visits Hong Kong's homeless.

Hong Kong welfare groups call for supporting the homeless during COVID-19

Limited access to information, exposed environments and poor health make Hong Kong’s homeless particularly vulnerable to the new coronavirus outbreak, say local charity groups.

14 Apr, 2020

Cebu Pink Paddlers

World of Change: Breast cancer rowers, solar engineers, and underwater experiments

Explore social projects around the globe, from a dragon boat team formed by breast cancer survivors to a school training women to be solar engineers.

1 Apr, 2020

Faride Shroff

Her Voice: SENsational Consultancy’s Faride Shroff on why inclusivity is essential

Faride Shroff, the founder of SENsational Consultancy, explains why she’s working to cultivate a more inclusive workforce.

1 Apr, 2020

India’s surrogacy programme
Long Reads

The Surrogates: Is India’s strict new surrogacy law the wrong move?

For many women, India’s surrogacy programme has led to greater financial empowerment. But a new law could put an end to the practice.

1 Apr, 2020

Ww2ff23ww Transfer 2
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The Other 1 Per Cent: Hong Kong rarely approves protection claims to resettle refugees

Hong Kong approves less than one per cent of asylum claims, making it one of the most challenging places to seek protection in the developed world.

1 Dec, 2019

Glitch In The Machine
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Justice On Hold: Why sexual harassment in the workplace often goes unreported

Sexual harassment in the workplace is widespread in Hong Kong, but entrenched cultural norms and a retrograde legal system continue to impede justice.

1 Aug, 2019

Priyanka Gothi and Dr Alice Yuk discuss social enterprise strategies

The Pitch: Priyanka Gothi sets out to re-inventing retirement

Priyanka Gothi, founder of senior employment programme Wise At Work, quizzed industry veteran Dr Alice Yuk about how to sustain a successful social enterprise.

1 May, 2019

Broken Promises Cover
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Broken Promises: Domestic workers confront abuse in Macao

Hong Kong lacks a comprehensive anti-trafficking law and migrant workers are paying the price.

1 Feb, 2019

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