Gender Equality

A scene from the film Suk Suk. Credit: Ray Yeung

What’s it’s like to be “gay and grey” in Hong Kong

Rejected by society and the mainstream LGBT+ scene, many of Hong Kong’s older gay men face a life of solitude and prejudice in their twilight years.

29 Apr, 2020

South Korea's MeToo Movement

The stories behind modern women’s rights movements across the world

From Chile to the US, India and South Korea, women’s calls for safety and equality are taking different forms around the world.

24 Apr, 2020

Yumi Ishikawa speaks with press. Credit: Nanami Miyamoto

#KuToo: Japanese women are saying no to high heels – here’s why

Yumi Ishikawa, founder of Japan’s KuToo movement, is working to ban compulsory high heels and slut-shaming

23 Apr, 2020

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

April Inspiration: 5 meaningful projects to support virtually during COVID-19

If you have an extra hour while physical distancing or simply want to take your mind off the new coronavirus, check out these few documentaries, initiatives and books.

23 Apr, 2020

Cebu Pink Paddlers

World of Change: Breast cancer rowers, solar engineers, and underwater experiments

Explore social projects around the globe, from a dragon boat team formed by breast cancer survivors to a school training women to be solar engineers.

1 Apr, 2020

Disney Takes Full Control Of Hulu As War On Netflix Heats Up

Live and Learn: Culture news for April 2020

A selection of thought-provoking documentaries, books and podcasts from the Ariana team.

1 Apr, 2020

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Surrogacy Shortcomings in Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based lawyer Evelyn Tsao unpacks the city's surrogacy laws and their impact on same-sex couples.

1 Apr, 2020

Invisible Tolls
Long Reads

Invisible Tolls: Roadblocks to timely abortions in Hong Kong

Long waits and social stigma hinder young women from obtaining safe, timely abortion services.

1 Apr, 2020

A2001 Tomorrows Harvest Full Page D
Long Reads

Tomorrow’s Harvest: What you should know about egg freezing

Egg-freezing offers women greater reproductive freedom, but does it come at a cost?

1 Apr, 2020

India’s surrogacy programme
Long Reads

The Surrogates: Is India’s strict new surrogacy law the wrong move?

For many women, India’s surrogacy programme has led to greater financial empowerment. But a new law could put an end to the practice.

1 Apr, 2020

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