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COVID-19 has been devastating for sex workers across Asia-Pacific. Here’s Why.

From Japan to Thailand to Myanmar, sex workers across Asia are weathering the COVID-19 pandemic without a safety net. In this collaborative series between Ariana and the University of Hong Kong’s ...

18 Aug, 2020

Onia Merina, a Malagasy woman who escaped a human trafficking ring in Fuzhou, China
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Breaking the Chains: Malagasy trafficking victims seek refuge in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, victims of labour and sex trafficking are among the most vulnerable types of asylum seekers.

1 Dec, 2019

Gloria Garcia, a sex trafficking survivor from Concepcion, Philippines
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Canary in the Coalmine: Climate crises and trafficking are more connected than one might think

As widespread environmental catastrophe looms larger, climate-driven migration crises are becoming a stark reality

1 Dec, 2019

Broken Promises Cover
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Broken Promises: Domestic workers confront abuse in Macao

Hong Kong lacks a comprehensive anti-trafficking law and migrant workers are paying the price.

1 Feb, 2019

Akashinga 005

World of Change: An anti-poaching squad, refugee assistance, and a crowdsourced harassment tracker

Impactful projects around the globe

1 Feb, 2019

Chain Reaction
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Chain Reaction: Meet the entrepreneurs harnessing blockchain for human rights

Around the world, blockchain is powering new ways to combat human trafficking, improve the lives of refugees, and empower migrant workers.

1 Feb, 2019

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